How to keep the other half beaming

How to...

A couple of tips and tricks on how to ensure your other half is always beaming within your relationship. Sometimes it’s the little things which make them feel assured and happy!

When beginning this post, I worried that some might see it as patronising… If that’s the right word to use? As I am young, only 20, and dishing out relationship advice. But the matter of fact is, me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now and I can honestly say that we’ve never had a proper argument before. Ever…

Don’t get me wrong, we bicker – we’re both just as bad as each other when tired and hungry; I get unbearably moody on the days before I’m due and of course, the pill makes hormones strike around my head like nobody’s business! But the reality is, is that we think a lot of one another and I can genuinely see it going long term. So, listed below are the sort of things which we do for one another regularly which keeps the honeymoon buzz alive!

It’s so simple to just say ‘you look really nice today’, ‘you make me dead happy, comfortable, excited…’ it’s not difficult and it’s free. If you make sure that once the day’s done you’ve said the odd thing here an there, then it’ll go a long way. Sometimes just assurance that you are still interested and loved up is enough to make them feel like the relationship is going in the right direction.

HOWEVER: Something to bear in mind is don’t overdo it. My previous relationships have done this and it went from making me feel dead secure to feeling smothered. Learn when enough is enough.

By this, I don’t mean splashing the cash and going getting a new piece of gold jewellery, or a new pair of shoes that’ll cost a tonne – I’m on about the small, cheap, possibly even free gestures which would absolutely put a glorious, genuine smile on your partner’s face. It could be as easy as a card with a simple message saying ‘you’re ace, love you’, a bunch of flowers, a bag of cookies, I don’t know! Literally anything! If you know them well enough, you’ll know the things that they like which won’t set you back more than a couple of quid. It’s the thought that counts – I know it’s a huge cliché but it’s true.

I get the feels that some days all I fancy doing is staying in my PJ’s, makeup-less, with a coffee watching Sunday Brunch, but there are other times when you can’t just roll out of bed to go meet his/her family or friends. Put some effort in pal. Whether it be putting on a nice outfit, doing your hair different, taking a bottle of wine if you’re going to someone’s house for tea… Those on the receiving end will notice you’ve made the effort and appreciate the sentiment.

My fella doesn’t work normal 9-5 hours as he works for his Grandad’s company. This means that there are times when he’ll get called into work on a morning he was supposed to have a day off, and have to grab the tool belt n’ boots and off he goes. I did struggle with this initially, as I felt it would always happen on the days we had something lovely planned, but the reality is, is it’s his JOB. Life gets in the way sometimes, and accepting that is imperative. Being there for your partner when things like this happen (especially when it’s out of their control) is crucial.

Everyone has hobbies and activities which they adore to do and are passionate about. With this one, I do think that having different hobbies to do absent from your partner is important, but also finding something to do together that they’ll love just as much as you, is something which is worth seeking out for… Cooking, taking up a sport, doing DIY projects together, even just visiting new places and walking down streets neither one of you have been down before- just do something that is your ‘thing’ which you can always rely on when you have a day off to share your time.

2 thoughts on “How to keep the other half beaming

  1. These are cute tips! I especially like the idea of mini presents, that’s a nice way to keep the romance alive and add some spontaneity. Thanks for sharing!

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