Writer’s block: I’m beating you

How to...

I see often that blog-writers, authors and other creative thinkers experience writer’s block quite often, and it really is something that I see as a shame…From a personal angle, I am a full-time student, lifestyle editor for my university newspaper, trying-to-be-healthy gym-goer, and now attempting to jump back into the regular posts on my blog. It’s intense – but it’s something I strongly believe in and am passionate about. 

This post isn’t necessarily one that will take a particular stance on a topic, or discuss anything majorly important, however, I felt in myself that a post ought to be written and published to kick start the blog-writing and encourage myself to find the time to get back into the swing of something I really love. 

SO – NEW YEAR NEW ME? Are we doing it? Giving it a bit of a whirl and so far so good. 

The inevitable fear of stepping foot in the gym has passed as I really have figured out that NOBODY GIVES A SHIT at what you’re doing. The gym is such a self-centered place but not in the sense that it has negative connotations – it’s a good thing. Focus on yourself, don’t catch your eye at that unbelievably toned person who doesn’t look like a marshmallow flump in tight gym gear (me…) – BECAUSE, one day, with a lot of time, effort and dedication, that will be moi! 

Healthy eating is proving a lot easier than initially expected. The plan has been to cut down on the meat, which is going exceptionally well – with the odd fish dish every once in a while, alongside cutting down on the sugar… which on the contrary, is proving to be somewhat difficult. I miss Gu’s. (The bank account doesn’t miss them quite so much!)

Anyway – THE GOAL: Post regularly, make it a habit. But not to the point where I feel guilty over it. We all lead busy lives and putting yourself first is ultimately the single most important thing!