My family home renovation

Home Decor

When it comes to interior design, I must hold my hands up – I admit – I am no expert. However, from the moment I could walk, I have had a strong interest for renovation, design and fitting colours together, and it is something which I still think would be an amazing career to pursue. 

In the winter of 2016, my family told me that we were selling up the house. I was gutted. It doesn’t exactly come as a shock that I had an emotional and sentimental connection for the house I grew up in. Everyone does, right? It’s completely normal. But the absolute WORST part of it all was the house we were moving into was a shithole (and that’s making it sound pretty). However, this once converted office space/ugly carpeted shell has since been transformed into one of the most welcoming homes I have ever spent time in, and one which upon my return home from university for breaks and reading weeks, is one which I truly feel at home in. 

Here are the before and after photos of my family home renovation. 



For months we had to have showers in the bath with no hot water – a first world problem admittedly, but one which isn’t the most pleasant way to have a good scrub after a long day.



This is one which is a little difficult to envision since we have taken a wall out and rebuilt in a different place. The kitchen and dining area is still underway, so I haven’t got any images of those so far, however here is the living room before & after.


My absolute favourite part of this room is the rustic, vintage lamp in the corner of the second image. It compliments the warm tones of the cabinets and sofas so well. I am also of the opinion that TV stands can easily look quite tacky and cheap, however this simple stand from IKEA fits in so well with the living room’s aesthetic.

Cornwall to my family is a home away from home, so by bringing in the beautiful works of various Cornish artists from Porthminster Gallery into the communal spaces is a great reminder of the endless summer holidays we’ve spent all together.




I must say, with this room, it could not be anymore up my step-mum’s street. She’s all for the quirky little nic-nacs and has an utmost love for decorative hearts, books and banners.




Anyone can tell from a mile off that this is little kid paradise. The mezzanine is utter perfection and adds a whole other level of excitement when friends come over to visit.

With there being such limited floor space in this room, separating the bed from the ground allows him so much more freedom to play with his toys without feeling restricted. For a boy of 10 years old, this couldn’t be a more ideal space and I hope to provide this level of character to a bedroom for my future kids.




This room doesn’t get as much use as the other rooms in the house due to my absence at university, so in order to make it as versatile as possible, it has been decorated in a way to accommodate for guests who come to stay over. The simple, floral patterns ensure that whether it be the peak of summer or the darkness of winter, it still glows positivity and serenity – this is one of the best things about coming home from a rowdy student house.