How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution

How to...


Whether you’ve already given your resolution a back seat or you’re on track to meeting your goals, making adjustments to our lives can often seem challenging and somewhat daunting – but they don’t have to be…

The first and most important piece of advice that can be given when it comes to making changes is to make them manageable. You’ll admit defeat far too quickly if your goal is to save £500 a month or lose 5lbs in a week. By setting yourself attainable targets you will not only put your mind at ease when things don’t instantly change, but you’ll also feel a sense of pride when you can tick off your daily tasks that contribute to your overall end goal. 

Get organised

It may seem obvious, but this point isn’t made to patronise! According to, you’re 52 per cent more likely to achieve your goals if you track them and notice the small changes. Seeing the clear-cut evidence of your habit transformations will give you that extra push to keep going. One such way of getting organised is by simply writing down three or four realistic targets at the start of each day and trying not to get distracted when crossing them off. For example: if your goal is to get into the habit of leading a healthy lifestyle, one of the points on your checklist could be to get your five-a-day or to fit in a 20-minute exercise session. For those who want to increase their overall fitness but are complete beginners, the Couch to 5K app is the most ideal way to achieve this. Being free, and thus completely student-friendly, this app monitors your running abilities whilst gradually increasing in difficulty in order to get you up to speed to run 5K in a matter of weeks!

App recommendations: Habit-Bull, Productive & Habitify are amongst the countless tracking apps that are designed to encourage you to achieve your goals. 

Don’t beat yourself up

Both this saying and ‘results don’t come overnight’ are phrases we’re all tired of hearing, but ones that speak nothing but the truth. One of the single most vital things that goal-achievers possess is patience. It is inevitable that at times you’ll just want to give up because you feel as though you’re putting so much time and effort into seeing little results. However, persevering is crucial because, at the end of the day, New Year’s resolutions are all about making your long-term-self proud of your dedication. 

Make it a habit… but be realistic

A little birdy told me that if you do something often enough, after 21 days it becomes a habit. Now, do we all do the same thing? Act and think in unison? No – we don’t. So in order for you to feel comfortable with attaining your resolution, you have to understand that what may be easy for someone else to complete could be a long process for you to grasp. But, that is not to say that you can’t get where you want to be. Get it into your daily routine: drink two litres of water, make lunch instead of spending money on a meal deal, walk instead of getting the bus. Whatever it is, make one small change every day and before you know it, it is ingrained in your normal routine so much so that you will no longer see it as something that needs to be ticked from a list. And what does that leave you? A New Year’s resolution that you can proudly say you didn’t quit.