What there is to know about herbal tea


When we stroll into a coffee shop and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wisped around our noses’ edge, paired with a sweet touch of buttercream cake, exciting things happen. From cappuccinos to chai lattes, with the addition of a very trendy flat white, we all seem to know a lot about what types of coffees that are available to us, but there seems to be a sense of unknown when it comes to tea. So many herbal teas have an array of positive effects upon the mind and the body and so by reading this post, it will hopefully enlighten you as to how these attributes will benefit you.

Green tea is universally known as possessing benefits that work towards encouraging weight loss. By speeding up your metabolic rate and aiding towards curbing hunger, green tea is a great go-to for when you’re watching what you’re eating. Now, obviously, it’s not encouraged to drink purely green tea if cutting the calories is something you’re seeking out for, as it works best alongside a balanced and nutritious diet. But having one or two cups of green tea a day will be sure to help you not snack as often and therefore lose a bit of weight.

Moreover, while green tea isn’t likely to cure acne, it is thought that drinking this tea can help reduce oily skin which can result in us suffering from breakouts more regularly. Sebum is an oily substance that naturally secretes out of our pores, yet if we can reduce this substance from building up, that means less breakouts, less temptation to mess with our spots or blackheads which creates all-around healthier-looking skin.

Now, this one is a personal favourite. I struggle with sleep from time to time and I have recently started to establish a more regimented bedtime routine to encourage my body to drift off faster. While turning off phones and winding down are crucial to a bedtime routine, having a mug of chamomile tea works a treat too. Chamomile tea consists of antioxidants called apigenin, which is also thought to have very mild tranquilising effects that puts our bodies into a relaxed state.

In addition to this, chamomile is incredible for reducing menstrual cramp pain, so if you’re a sufferer at your time of the month, grab a hot water bottle and pop on the kettle for a soothing cup of chamomile tea. The combination of the two will be sure to keep those pains at bay so you can carry on your daily tasks as normal.

This fruity, warming tea is an absolute go-to for when we’re feeling a bit run down. When cold-like symptoms creep in, brewing up a mug of this tea is known to push these away .With that, lemon and ginger tea is also known to strengthen our immune systems so while you’re feeling a little under the weather, be sure to know that sipping this herbal remedy will strengthen your body to fight off whatever you’ve caught.

Similarly to green tea, lemon and ginger is known to fire up our metabolic rate and encourage weight loss. While green tea is slightly bitter in taste and many find this a little off-putting, lemon and ginger is more flavoursome, so try this herbal tea instead if you’d prefer.

Fancy something extra? Adding a teaspoon of honey to a lemon and ginger tea adds a sweetness that compliments the warming flavours.

Do you see yourself as a sufferer of headaches? Do you get dizzy from time to time and are not sure how to prevent it? Having a peppermint tea every morning can reduce any head pains and dizziness throughout your day. The menthol in the peppermint encourages blood circulation, as well as adds a cooling effect upon the body to help you relieve any tension around your neck and face.

While it may seem obvious, peppermint tea is a great go-to for freshening your breath. Many would typically go for a chewing gum or a mint, yet I personally find that these to only freshen breath for a short period of time, while peppermint tea makes your mouth feel cleaner and fresher for longer. It also possesses antibacterial properties that kill the bad germs that you have in your mouth – yet while it obviously isn’t a substitute for brushing your teeth, having a peppermint tea will ensure that you have fresh breath throughout the day in between meals and coffee breaks.