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Admittedly, a skincare routine is something that I haven’t ever taken very seriously. I would always wash my face morning and evening with soap and followed by moisturiser, add a little tea tree to any blemishes – but that was more or less it. I never felt I needed to establish a skincare routine… that was until, for some unbeknown reason to me, lockdown happened.

I moved from my university house back home and since then my skin has been acting up constantly. After experiencing blackout GALORE, it then came to my attention that a more rigorous routine had to be established. I am still learning about different brands, product knowledge and what to do or avoid, so if any avid skincare enthusiasts are reading this that wouldn’t mind dropping some advice in the comment section, please do!



This is a product that I. Swear. By. I religiously use it every evening to wipe away the makeup from that day. I have never used a product that is so kind to my skin, as before using micellar water, I would use make-up wipes which would only result in my skin appearing red and dry – they’re also terrible for the environment so I waved that one goodbye a while ago. Instead, I use a cotton pad (I’m currently considering reusable pads so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!), add a few drops of the water and my make-up is cleared away in a matter of seconds.


This is only a recent purchase of mine so I haven’t had the opportunity to properly try and test, however, from the few times I have washed with it I can confirm that it is incredible. The lather created from such a small amount of product is something I haven’t seen from any other facial washes and this only makes the face feel that little bit extra clean after using it.
The facial soap also has small exfoliating beads inside, but what I love about this is that there isn’t an overwhelming amount. Some exfoliating facial washes I’ve used in the past haven’t managed to strike the right ratio between soap and exfoliating beads, resulting in the skin feeling scratched and irritated. Whereas with this product, paired with an exfoliating brush, it leaves the skin feeling clean, shiny and fresh.


Prior to purchasing this toner, I’d heard raving reviews about it. Skincare blogger or not, countless people had recommended I try it out and I’m very glad I did.
Adding a few drops to a cotton pad and applying all over the face in circular motions is the best way to pick up any lingering dirt or makeup that the facial wash didn’t quite reach. I’ve heard that a one-way ticket to breakouts is by not using a toner after washing your face, as by not using can encourage little bits of leftover dirt to sink into the pores and tempt breakouts to appear. By using this morning and evening has helped eliminate the question of breakouts.


This. Is. Godsend. What a product.
I’ve seen various influencers advertising this product and for that reason, I deterred from buying it, as I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was a genuinely good product since they’re paid to advertise it. Yet when I saw just how cheap The Ordinary products were, I couldn’t not give it a go. At just £6 a pop, temptation got the better of me.
I use this product twice a week in the evenings before bed. There is a slight bit of stinging, but after a little research, I’ve realised that this is completely normal. In comparison to other skin peeling products I consider The Ordinary’s to be one of the tamer ones, but since the price tag is so small, there’s no reason to dislike it.


Now, this product is a very recent one. I have only used it a handful of times so haven’t yet achieved the desired effect, but from reviews and skincare bloggers posts, I’ve heard it is the perfect product to help relieve uneven skin tones. I am a sufferer of spots leaving marks on my face even when they’ve gone down (and no, I don’t mess with them – I leave them alone), but still find that the mark remains on my face for a little while. After doing some research, I’ve heard that by using this product religiously morning and evening allows the skin to alleviate any unevenness that was once there. Once I’ve had the opportunity to try and test it for good, I’ll give this product a more accurate review!


In the winter months, I get dark circles underneath my eyes. The countdown to summer is one that excites me the most for it is the run up to sun-kissed cheeks and a freckled nose – and most importantly, the dark circles even out. This solution helps to reduce both puffiness from post-slumber and reduces the dark circles that build up over the colder months.
I have been using this product for around a month and have noticed a huge change in the way my eyes feel upon waking up. They’re more alert and significantly less heavy which makes it a lot easier to crack on with the day… just the one americano for me!


I think this moisturiser needs to be upgraded at some point – my friends rave about Elemis products but I can’t afford 40 odd quid for a moisturiser! If anyone has any other suggestions, please leave a comment below – it would be a huge help.
Given all of the products that are applied in a rigorous skincare routine, I think a moisturiser is essential. While I’m aware of the other products available to me, I am confident to stick by this one.

30 thoughts on “Skincare 101

  1. I love the Garnier Micellar Water. I use the one in the blue/green bottle. Once I started using micellar water, I could never go back to using make up wipes. Plus its way more cost effective.


  2. I’ve heard so many good reviews about the Pixie Glow Tonic too – it’s one of those purchases I should have made ages ago, definitely need to get a move on and buy a bottle because it sounds so so good! xxx


  3. I use the micellar cleansing water too and it is my favourite thing! I’m a bit lazy with skincare so I will deffo have to up my game!


    1. It’s so good, isn’t it!
      Don’t beat yourself up about it though, sometimes people find adding different things to their face has the opposite effect. You do you!


  4. Great post! I absolutely love anything by the Ordinary… I recently discovered them and can’t get over how high quality yet inexpensive the products are! I’ve started using the L-Ascorbic Acid powder mixed with my night time moisturiser, it’s meant to gently exfoliate and help new skin cells generate. I highly recommend. It’s particularly good for reducing darker marks which I struggle with. Thanks for the content!

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  5. I’ve been looking to get some new products for my non-existent skincare routine, so thank you for sharing! I also swear by micellar water it’s just so lovely on my skin and gets all the makeup off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In love with micellar water! Couldn’t agree with you more on that one.
      I would highly recommend the ordinary – they’re super affordable and kind to skin. X


  6. I use everything you use except for the Ordinary products! How weird! I’ve been meaning to try their brand out, it seems like everybody loves it.

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  7. Ooooh! Skincare is so important. The last thing we want is to neglect our skin and having it reflect. Having the right cleanser is important. You want to remove all makeup and dirt from your face, but at the same time, moisturize it right after. I found tonics being great. I haven’t tried products from The Ordinary before but heard great things about them. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Many people have said they haven’t tried The Ordinary products but I don’t think they’ve been around for very long. They’re super affordable though so I’d highly recommend you try!


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