Skincare 101

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Admittedly, a skincare routine is something that I haven’t ever taken very seriously. I would always wash my face morning and evening with soap and followed by moisturiser, add a little tea tree to any blemishes – but that was more or less it. I never felt I needed to establish a skincare routine… that was until, for some unbeknown reason to me, lockdown happened.

Review: TCA – the upcoming sportswear brand

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If you’d have asked me 2 weeks ago whether I’d heard of TCA, I would have shaken my head. As an avid gym-goer and fitness fanatic, it’s fair to say that the sportswear market is one that is massively busy and competitive, so searching in stores and scouring the internet for genuinely good quality products is something that many can say is somewhat of a challenge.  

How to be a Gym Bunny!

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It’s a very unfortunate moment when the realisation hits that you no longer have your childhood metabolism.

God, that freedom to just eat and do whatever I please are days that I ought to bid farewell, as now having to resort to ‘healthy’ eating and doing my daily 30-minutes’ of exercise is something that’s just gotta happen.